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Fully trained level 3 microsoldering technician.

Iphone, Samsung, Huawei and any other devices repaired on our shop.

10 Minutes Service

Iphone screen replacement while you wait. No data loss

Phone Unlocking for all devices with prices starting from 10. 

We offer a free diagnosis and operate a

NO FIX – NO FEE Policy

Check out our about page to view all our services. After that, you can contact us if you still wish so.

"Technically knowledgeable and tenacious, these guys are a rare find for repairing laptops, tablets and smartphones. It is very difficult to find someone prepared to work on personal products as most operations are at minimum, focused on small businesses.
Mike's review
Mike Doherty
"I cannot recommend this shop highly enough ...I was about to give up on my iPhone and within one hr the shop had me back up and running .. Very nice gentleman to deal and he definitely knows what he’s doing.. and very cheap.. and quick!"
Trish's review.
Trish Garry
"Could not be happier with the service my iPhone was left very badly damaged by a bad repair and the lads here fixed it up when lots wouldn't touch it so thank you very much and will strongly recommend you to others for all repairs. Thank you so much!"
Wendy's review
Wendy Fay Flanagan
"Professional, excellent staff, highly knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend!"

Dann's feedback.
Dann Starr
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